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If you are a very versatile but modern woman looking for a bag, original, useful and stylish, casual and fun which is ideal to carry everything you need by hand, wherever you go you should not miss to look closely at the model Laura Giagiotti shopping bags that brings for you.

Laura Giagiotti is an Italian fashion firm of international fame that was born from the hand of the designer of the same name. This creator of textile dreams, accessories and even perfumes, was the daughter of another great seamstress: Delia Soldaini Biagiotti who was the designer of the uniforms of the hostesses and flight attendants of the airline Alitalia.

Laura saw all her life as her mother had successfully devoted herself to the fascinating style industry. Such fact, the reason to walk the same paths, becoming as prestigious and recognized as Delia Soldaini. Therefore, while Laura had enough life time, she devoted herself to designing and being in front of her fashion house.

Laura Giagiotti has the bag to be fashionable

Today, the great designer Laura no longer physically accompanies the brand, but her legacy lives on in every product that this brand makes. For example, the Laura Giagiotti shopping bags is nothing more than an exclusive and elegant bag in which you can keep makeup and everything you need to wear when you leave home.

To accompany your clothes in a glamorous way you achieve it when you carry a Laura Giagiotti shopping bags. In addition, he finds your things more easily thanks to the fact that he has pockets that give you amplitude inside it. So, everything you need to take with you to any place such as work, event, appointment or meeting, fits comfortably in this bag.

Do you want to know what the characteristics of this bag are?

This feminine piece belongs to the Spring/Summer Collection of this last season 2019 and is of the shopping basket type, made of polyurethane material, with a main zipper, 2 handles and inside it is very well lined has 3 compartments,

It also has a practical outside pocket where you can store your mobile phone or keys and easily find it when you need it without desperately looking in the bottom of your bag. It has a width of 45 cm and a height of 30 cm. Its depth is 13 cm and a special detail of the logo of the brand Laura Giagiotti very visible on the back.

To acquire it is very easy. In many department stores you can find it, as well as in online stores specializing in selling garments and accessories for ladies. In the latter, just with a click you can carry this beautiful and elegant bag quickly, comfortably and simply. So don’t wait any longer and look for that missing accessory in your wardrobe: Laura Giagiotti shopping bags.

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